Letra de Out the pound


Letra de Out the pound de Birdman
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( Birdman )

[Hook: Birdman]
We got the diamond in the back (Yea)
Tinted rolled up (Yea)
Blowin´ out the pound
In a brand new truck

Where ya at wit´ it?
Let´s go and get it
If you a real d-boy
Money over bitches

[Intro over the hook]
Yea, this one here for uptown
I know we lost a lot that we gon´ never get back
All the time, but it´s a must that we do this here homeboy
Yea, uptown already nigga!

[Verse 1: Birdman]
Slap a bitch wit´ a pound and a ki
Twenty of them thangs, ten on my street
Hundred at my crib, ten fo´ a beat
Fifty on a Caddy wit´ the swine suade seats
Twenty on a bike, third world peace
Two on the yaucht, million on the fleet
Fo´ five fo´ a pound of that leaf
A hundred dollaz for a chopper on the streets
We uptown, we gon´ ride ´til we die nigga
We stay fresh, get money stay fly nigga
Ain´t nuttin´ changed I ride them skinny tires
Wit´ the candy on the slab, on the buttons wit´ them twenty-fives
From no money nigga, now we talk Ca$h Money
From lil´ money nigga, now we talk big money
From no nothin´ now we all sayin´ somethin´
Mo´ money nigga, mo´ money nigga

[Hook - 2X]

[Verse 2: Birdman]
What it do H-Town?
Wha´s up B-Town?
Wha´s up A-T-L?
Hit the town in a Phantom and a G
Wit´ two pounds, two broads and a suite
Two toned everything a nigga see
Burnin´ rubber in these motherfuckin´ streets
Made man, ol´ head taught me
Like father, like son we a G
Sixty-four seventy-eight tiger seats
Ol´ school drop tops on the beach
Birdman, we do this ´cuz we stunnas
Ain´t nuttin´ changed in them brand new Hummas
Hood rich, we do it fo´ the numbas
Tha fo´ fives and the tens and the hundreds
Two fifteen nigga talkin´ cash shit
Got a hundred from my bitch she a badd bitch
Money won´t change nigga neva average
That´s why I´m livin´ this bitch so lavish

[Hook - 2X]

[Verse 3: Birdman]
Yea nigga
We been blowin´ out the pound all day hustlin´
Ya heard me?
And this is how we get down at the end of the night
After all that grindin´
I´m in the club, hoez showin´ love
Nigga know we got it, that´s why they wanna plug
Pussy poppin´ shit, like they wanna thug
Knowin´ they ain´t ´bout it and them clips gon´ bust
I got stacks, that´s jus´ how it is
Boy Mack supa fly in a Coupe Deville
And got birds in the field
Grindin´ all the time
Tryna get a mill´
Neighborhood superstar, third world gangsta
I put mines in, did a lil´ more thinkin´
Shine in the summer
Minx in the winter
Ice year round
Twenty on the pinky
Damn my town
Went down sinkin´
Made my rounds
Bounced back bankin´
Neva fold
That´s what make me
Make the money
Don´t let it break ya

[Hook - 2X]

That´s what it do nigga
We better hustlaz than you nigga
Money longer than yours lil´ nigga
Believe that
One hundred
Wha´s up Weezy baby?
Them niggaz can´t see us man
We barely can see us, ya heard? [fades out]