Letra de Get it all together


Letra de Get it all together de Birdman
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( Birdman )

(feat. Lil´ Wayne)

[Chorus x2: Baby]
Shit, we tryin´ to get it all together
And spend a lil chaddar and fly in any weather nigga
And homie you get the money and the power
Then them hoes come and holla and fly in any weather pimpin´

I see you haters, hatin´ on the way a nigga think
But I´m laughing, laughing all the way to the bank
And I, I kinda act like my shit don´t stink
On a toilet with the burner taped under the sink
Like a Russian I´ll rullet the bullet
Yea straight to ya head give a nigga a mullet
I´m a Cash Money brother a lover of money
Yea the tummy is showin´ but the hunger is growin´
What part cha´ don´t understand
What you ain´t know I´m like Kobe
You niggaz can´t check me go head Bowens
And I never left the team cause I´m catchin´ every pass
Stunna McNabb yeah he like go head Owens yea
Bet I´d put a nigga on his ass
Squlou and Big Whop make show he don´t last
And young Wayne do song about the story
With Birdman singin´ on the chorus, nigga


Look, a ticket here and a ticket there
And I´m the first out the hood to get rich nigga still here
Its big paper in the prime of my life my nigga
We take it off ya´ shoulder broad daylight my nigga
It´s Stunna Island biggest baler in the city
The Range Rover rally strip on them 26´s
Gucci down when the Birdman in ya´ town
We blow out the pound rollin´ through Uptown
Canary yellow Cash Money iced out piece
Like father, like son we beasts on these streets
Well let me bring you back to 1993
Where I met four lil niggaz in the 3
We got big, we grinded in them city streets
And three left and they all tryin´ na beef me
There´s one Birdman and one J.R
We neighborhood superstars fuck y´all


Murcing every murderer
In the garden I´m burstin´ hittin´ serpents up
And in the Carter we still workin´ with that work for ya´
I´m the God and the turban fits perfect, word
Puffing´ on that precious piff purple herb swerve
Dang, -is on the curve
The fed´s walkin´ so I´m talking with slurge
And we never sell a bird to a mockingbird
We find out where you stay and we mark your turf
Lace ya´ house with a bomb make you walk in first
Oh, and ya´ is sharp with hers
She cook a nigga steaks and cool-aid for thirst, yeah
See we murderers but do it like gangsta
We really never show it but everybody know it
And Slim askin´ me to focus on the flow
While I´m tryin´ to have coke for the low on the low, man