Letra de All about that


Letra de All about that de Birdman
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( Birdman )

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
Young desperado straight out the grotto
I´m so bad my shadow chooses not to follow
Little nigga but see me as a f**kin´ rhino
Lil Weezy hit this bitch like Rocky Marciano
It´s a drought ain´t it? How the f**k would I know?
Nigga I been gettin´ my Cher in (share in) like Sonny Bono
I ran the streets... check my bio
I started high wit´ two O´s just like Ohio
I´m f**kin´ nuts... cashews
But I´m so DC like fat shoes
I skate away... like later dudes!
Never get caught baby I´m mashed potato smooth
And just when it stopped... I made it move
Respect me nigga I´m a dog... no Asian food
I wet up the party so have a bathin´ suit
And daisy dukes you bitch ass nigga

[Chorus - Lil Wayne]
Keep talkin´ that shit that you talkin´
And we gon´ have to get into some gangsta shit
My nigga... keep talkin´ that shit that you talkin´
And we gon´ have to get into some gangsta shit
My nigga... ´Cause you aint really even ´bout all that
You ain´t really even ´bout all that
And don´t´cha forget.. I know ya you ain´t ´bout all that
You ain´t never been about all that... fall back

[Verse 2 - Fat Joe]
Niggaz must want Joey to lean on ´em
Flash the binky splash his dreams on ´em
Let ´em sleep on it it´s nothin´ to Crack
Lay the murder game down back to hustlin´ packs
Yeah Weezy homie´s got yo´ back whether raps or macks

Either way they both spit like BRRRRAT!
Nigga... them muhf**kas is broke like them levies
And we done sold so much dope ain´t shit you tell me
Nigga... how you want it ?? coke or dog food?
My shit´ll have you runnin´ naked like an old school
And yeah we ´bout it ´bout it and you ain´t ridin´ on me
Unless ya got a whole f**kin´ suicidal warmin´
And I´m a rider homie and you can find it on me
That 40 cal´ll get you ??
This shit is funny to me
All these niggaz frontin´ war but they runnin´ from me... Crack!

[Chorus - Lil Wayne]

[Verse 3 - Birdman]
I had ´em as lil´ niggaz raised ´em ´round real niggaz
Poppin´ bottles f**kin´ wit´ them bitches nigga
Made money to the ceilin´ me and my young nigga
Chillin´ I´m in the streets hustlin´ gettin´ money nigga
Changed all my new shoes nigga got some new tools
Nigga got some mo´ jewels we was gettin´ money
And ain´t nothin´ ever changed still doin´ the thang
Still gettin´ money still spendin´ change
We hustlin´ from Sunday to Sunday
And we grindin´ everyday like the money ain´t comin´
Nigga... yeah we ridin´ woodgrains and minks
Got the dope in the Hummer cold case for that thang
I hate the law for what they done did they broke in niggaz cribs
Wish I woulda caught ´em I´dda split they f**kin´ wig
3rd Ward let me claim my fame
I put it down Uptown I´ma do my thang believe dat

[Chorus - Lil Wayne]