Letra de B.s.f.

Billy No Mates

Letra de B.s.f. de Billy No Mates
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Letra de B.S.F. de BILLY NO MATES.

( Billy No Mates )

I was an easy victim
I wasn't really living
I guess I looked like her type
She didn't put up much of a fight

She didn't even know me
She wanted to control me
It'd been so long since she'd been fed
she sunk her teeth right through my neck

Blood Sucking Freak
She drained the life from me like a
Blood Sucking Freak
She's just a leech

She said because she liked me
Well she was gonna keep me
Hanging around like a piece of meat
Waiting for her to come feast
So now I'm fully seasoned
Ready for eating
She picks at me all through the night
I guess she's never satisfied

[Rep't Chorus]