Letra de The primer

Between The Buried And Me

Letra de The primer de Between The Buried And Me
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( Between The Buried And Me )

Prescribe me: Corrupt me
Put your guns in my hands
In the hands of the young
Let´s kill
Let´s die
We´re all equal tonight

Prescribe me:
I don´t want to feel what is happening
I don´t want to know what I see
Please don´t let me cope alone
Joystick revolution move me
It´s all a dream
Redneck lord you still soothe me
Behind your black tie revolution
This is just a party

Prescribe me:
Become the whore
Please drug the young
Follow the gods
For sex and greed bring the smiles
The rich, sexy smiles
The smiles that blow the minds
of every goddamn male pig out there
We all just want to fuck
What is love, the idea of love
Corpse play

Tradition marriage:
We don´t have to take this serious
Have you seen the cities
Have you seen the images

We have to be you

2005 welcome to perfection
Prescribe me, indulge me
You have won