Letra de Little too late

Benatar Pat

Letra de Little too late de Benatar Pat
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( Benatar Pat )

I hear you had a good offer down on third avenue
You tell me that was the reason
For whatcha´ put me through, yeah
And now you come collapsin´ back
I feel the heat of your attack
Want me to take you back
I´m givin´ you the sack
So don´t waste your time


It´s a little too little
It´s a little too late
I´m a little too hurt
And there´s nothin´ left that I´ve gotta say
You can cry to me baby
But there´s only so much I can take
Ah, it´s a little too little
It´s a little too late

You say you had a good time
But did ya´ think it was for free - yeah
And how much did it get ya´, all their flattery
And now you come back, runnin´ for protection
You´ve been bitten by love and stung by rejection
You can´t connect
What did you expect?
I´m still gettin´ over you

(repeat chorus four times)