Letra de Cannibal

Ben Mike Eleven

Letra de Cannibal de Ben Mike Eleven
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Letra de Cannibal de Ben Mike Eleven.

( Ben Mike Eleven )

I was in love with a cannibal
she ate my arm like an animal
she once ate an executive
she ate three of them consecutive
I was in love with a manatee
or a dugong if youre an aussie
i had to move under the sea
from my home on the serengetti
I once fell in love with a little pig
you know, the one with the house of twigs
came home from work and saw the little poof
being ass-fucked by the big bad wolf
It took all this time for me to discover
that all of my love belongs to a plover
she swooped to my heart, brought me down to my knees
and in her nest i shall live, and im never to leave