Letra de Where you are

Bebo Norman

Letra de Where you are de Bebo Norman
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( Bebo Norman )

Take another look at me
oh breaker of my heart
take a look and you will see
how beautiful you are
even when i walk away
i could not go very far
before the child in me would say
home is where you are
In the tapestry of time
i cannot imagine where
i could find someone as kind
on the ground or in the air
i have heard that angels fly
and they never show their face
so i suppose that from the sky
one landed in your place
Did you know right from the start
when you first held me in your arms
that you would always hold my heart
where you are
You make the mornings seem so light
with coffee in the air
but to be a mother and a wife
is a heavy load to bear
and so you gave your life away
like the god inside your heart
and even thought we've gone away
home is where you are
it's where you are