Letra de Downtime


Letra de Downtime de Bayside
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( Bayside )

Come down now
Strut your stuff
I worry about you
It´s ok
If you don´t care
Now I´m down and I wish you were here

Wish you were here, wish you were

You need some, some downtime
I´m sorry if you´re so unhappy
I´m dying without you
Be happy cause you know I care

You´re a queen
Surpass the things I´ve seen
I´m dying without you
Call me sometime

Sorry that
You failed
To fuck up my life like you fucked up theirs
I´m trying
To tell you all of the things that I meant to that day

Meant to that day, wish I could

Cheer up my old friend
I offer interest in you

Thanks to Marci ([email protected]