Letra de Spears of sodom


Letra de Spears of sodom de Barathrum
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( Barathrum )

Omen of evil strikes
hell and demons prevail
sodom as religion rules
antichrist is on the earth
Pit of the black demons
dark religion and black arts
we just perform black rites
-- the magikal arts
In my determination
holy mass cremation
destination is now here
cos sodom as religion rules
I was guest in bethlehem's whorehouse
there was a whore called mary
i penetrated by my spear of sodom
into her body
nine month later
there was born
jesus - bastard son
Spears of sodom -- in the sky
spears of sodom -- in the night
spears of sodom -- spears of boundless fright
spears of sodom

Bow to me -- i am your god
your masses were done for me
i was father of that "christ"
i just fucked with mary
i am your god -- bow to me
your masses were done for me
i am your god