Letra de Tweedily-dee


Letra de Tweedily-dee de Backyardigans
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( Backyardigans )

Ta: Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! I´m the Flighty Fairy and who are you?
Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! What I find in this forest is for me, that´s just how it has to be
I´m the Flighty Fairy, so tweedily-tweedily-dee!

Ty: What if we tell you that´s the good king´s egg?

Ta: He can walk here and get it on his own two legs!
U: But if we command you to give it to us?

Ta: It´s not gonna happen, so don´t even fuss!

A: And what if I kneel down and say pretty please?

Ta: I will wave my magic wand and drop you in the treeeeeeeeees...
(speaking) A: Hey!

Ta: Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! I may be really little but there´s so much I can do
Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! I´m so glad I found this lit-tle Eggy, he´s just the friend for me
He fills me up with glee, so tweedily-tweedily-dee!

U: What if we tell you that we won´t go away?

Ta: Well, I´ll cook up a rainstorm and you´ll have a crummy day!

A: What if we grab the egg when you´re in bed?

Ta: That won´t be so easy when you´re standing on your head!
(speaking) A: Whoa!

U: You must surrender the egg!

Ta: No, I won´t!

Ty: We must recapture the egg!

Ta: No you don´t! If you take one more step over here
I will waggle my wand and you will dis-a...ppeeeeeeear...
(speaking) Ty & U: Hey! Bring us back!

Ta: Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! I think it´s getting time to skadaddle and skadoo
Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! You just can´t mess with the Flighty Fairy, I´m just too good, you see
So tweedily-dee, tweedily-tweedily dee! Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-deeeeeeeeeeee!