Letra de Handsome and gretel

Babes In Toyland

Letra de Handsome and gretel de Babes In Toyland
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( Babes In Toyland )

Gretel said i know what's in your head
i vacuumed out my head
i know you're feeling bad you
fucking bitch you cunthole bitch
i thought she meant it yeah
she really jacked my head
she went and done it
handsome gretel
My name is gretel yeah
i've got a crotch that talks
and talks to all their cocks
it's been 12 city blocks you fucking bich
gretel said "oh you feel so bad
i know you feel so bad"
i thought she meant it
handsome gretel
I vacuumed out my head
jumping from bed to bed
my name is gretel
a soul of metal
my name is gretel yeah
i've got a sloppy slot
handsome gretel
Say violets hang around with toilets
and look smack at us
and symbolize everything that
is disgust and mistrust
licorice eyes
pin me down
my thighs are vices yeah
he is a stupid man
i love him all i can
you fucking bitch
addle girl
she pulls out all her curls
she is a stupid crotch
that's been 12 city blocks