Letra de En privado (en ingles)


Letra de En privado (en ingles) de Babasonicos
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( Babasonicos )

You talk as if all that you say what you were writing
then control your lips, your nostrils
I they are proposing
The words were mixed to leave your mouth capricious
as a casino dealer route tarot playing for money

What I did not close decis
let´s just privately
I do not care about the consequences
let´s just privately

Moves you like everything you do what you were suggesting
give yourself behind your ear or from somewhere I do not know nor success
I understand that your intentions
I seriously affect
you remind me one afternoon to windward on port Quequén

Late occult intrigue each oyster
a cluster generally pearl
I am a seeker of those who do not conform
where no one is, find
Somewhere miradapor You put something out of my reach
by far the sign I did something confusing, I assume that the two
Lose something together, so meno, and as we celebrate the agreement
Spend you´re so beautiful and I´m haunted
and this is hopeless