Letra de Like hoy

Azn Pride

Letra de Like hoy de Azn Pride
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( Azn Pride )

Aye nako,i'm to put yall up on something man
yo, when you see somthing ill, nah mean, tateh is hoy
see a fine girl walking that's hoy
see your friends at the mall say hoy
my last song by brothers stand by junus that's hoy
aye putang ina shit, it goes like this yo
I met this bad babut online she was like hoy
had me cooking up baboy like hoy
bought the babut balut and rice i mean hoy
shoulda seen her suck the juice out i mean hoy
the pesos and the problems see my lichun is hoy
hold out pera from my relatives like hoy
last time hilfigure like niggers like hoy
sent out balikbayan boxes like hoy
call on everyone uncle and auntie like hoy
and most likely his name is boy like hoy
then they get your attention like psssst hoy
Or or less i'll bargain for less
i roll in jeepnes i drive in da estreet like whoa
my bebots, like egots, wet pesos, stay close, eating aso yo nuts, is hoy