Letra de Love parade (en ingles)


Letra de Love parade (en ingles) de Azafata
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Letra de Love parade (en ingles) de Azafata.

( Azafata )

You order, and these salis ... prepared, you are not missing anything
You sit down, party ... and spends another night, another night passes
And get to me, empolvas your desire, my desire empolvas
Beat another disk, lights that you love, glamour and a bed

And again, ever so authentic,
Ready for a new love parade

Dam your desire, visits my bed
And tomorrow and there will be no more anything
Because I see in your face, you anger to another bed
Autocondenada to be a dam pleasure

Lucis narcobrit, always ready for another move
Victims still for your alibi, want to be loved
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