Letra de The scarecrow (corregida)


Letra de The scarecrow (corregida) de Avantasia
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( Avantasia )

[Tobias Sammet:]
I´m just a loser in the game of love
I´m just a stray boy in the shade
And how I wish to know what love is like
To find someone to contemplate

There´s a voice and a million answers
To the questions I don´t ask
A demon ? I´ve got to contain
When I´m walking through the fen
Gonna deep into the black
There are whispers that I can´t restrain

Don´t give in

Rise to fame ? time will come
Make your claim ? time has come
For the crow who fly away

[Jorn Lande:]
So you´re an angel meant to walk down here
And you believe it´s all divine
And you don´t play by all those temporal rules
Watch the world begin to die

Alright ? when the lamb´s been torn to pieces,
I´ve been crashing from the sky
Fallen to care for the pray, they put a spoke right in your wheel
I´m the one to dare the weak, to push you all over the pain
You give in ? oh


[solo: Sascha Paeth]

[Tobias Sammet:]
I close my eyes and I see what´s coming my way
He´s got treasure in his eyes that he´s gonna turn to clay

[Jorn Lande:]
Hm, I´m a stranger, I´m a changer and I´m danger...

[Tobias Sammet:]
Fallen angel - waiting for the prey
The devil has come to take a maimed away
Penetration of the twisted mind
The evil is out for the weak and blind

I can feel it in your voice
Ever so sweet, no
Do I really have a choice? No, no, no!

[Jorn Lande:]
Oh, you burn your feet on unholy ground
You roam the barren wicked plains abound
In evil eyes and evil speak
About it all your evil freaks

When you say it´s all divine and meant to be
What about your flesh and blood and defires like me?

Their evil eyes are looking down on you
And those who don´t are losing sight of you
Face the rage to chase away
The specter of disgrace and shame

Withered roses dying on the ledge
A withered dreamer standing on the edge
You dream of love but you wake up to pain
You´re better off to join in my game

Then she´ll better off to cry contrite tears
One day she´ll wonder why she had to let you disappear,

Rise to fame ? your time has come
Time will come to take the sun
Make your claim - you´re drawn to the sound
Time has come ? you´re leaving ground

Rise to fame - the flight of the crow
Time will come - cross the line
Your time has come - for the crow to fly away

It´s a flight to hell
Can you hear the bell
The devil has come
To take your soul away
A flight to hell - alright

I´m a stranger
I´m a changer
And I´m danger
Fallen angel
Waiting for the prey