Letra de The scarecrow


Letra de The scarecrow de Avantasia
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( Avantasia )

I´m just a loser
in the game of love

I´m just an stray boy
in their chain

and tell how I wish to know
what love is like
to find someone to contemplate

there´s a voice in a million meters
to the cross outside of that
demon that got to contain
when I´m walking through the fame
gonna keep into the black
whispers are ?

time to pay

price to pay
time will come
make your faith
time has come
for those who fly away

so you´re an angel
let to walk down here
and you believe it´s all divine
and you´ll play by all those temple rooms
what´s the world became to die

when the lends are been torn to pieces
I´ve been crashing from the sky
fallen to care for the prey (pray)
they put a spoke-? in your will
I´m the one to dare the weak
to push you all over the pain
you give in, oh

price to pay
time will come
make your faith
time has come
for those who fly away

I close my eyes and I see
what´s come in my way
oh yeah
he´s got treasure in his eyes
that he´s gonna time to cry

humm oh
I´m a stranger
I´m a changer
I´m a danger maybe

dominate to invade the plain
the devil was gone
to take the million way
being in trash
another twisted mind
delivered son
for the weaked blind
I´ve got freedom in your voice
I´m a soul sweet, no
do we really have a choice, no, no, no

you burn fake
on a holy hell
you hold the bare
which plays your path
the evil lies
the evil speak
about it all
your evil tricks
when you say it´s all divine
it meant be, oh
what a about your fleshing blood
and defines the unbleed

their evil lies
are looking down at you
loose it all
I´m losing inside of you
face the hate
to taste away
specter of this craziest game
weaken roses
they are all too late
awaking dreams standing on the edge
a dreaming of love
you got to pay
you better get off
? one more day
you should be banned after cry
judgement tears
what she wonder why
she had to let you dissapear
oh dear

price to pay
your time has come
(time will come)
to take the sun
(make your faith)

return to the sound
(time has come)
are leaving you blown
(rise the faith)
strike to the crow

(time will come)
cross the line
(time will come)
(make your faith)
your time has come
(your time has come)
the crow to fly away
(rise the faith)

to fight hell
(time will come)
can you hear the bell
time has come
(time will come)
to take the sun away
(time will come)
strike to hell
(time has come)

I´m slaving you
I´m changing you
and I´m in danger
for the ?
waiting for the brave