Letra de Those evenings we yearned


Letra de Those evenings we yearned de Autumnblaze
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Letra de Those evenings we yearned de Autumnblaze.

( AutumnBlaze )

Oh marvellous gale
did you ever feel lone
when a fairy of gold
lost her evening tone
we have journeyed through gardens
to an old magic reign
where our wind-mother danced
to the silence untamed
words do not fade
like those cold welkin leaves
their fame is undying
while the dreamforger weaves
pain is my father
wounds have no guilt
thy rose in my claws
her marbleflamed build
we yearned for a silver lake
a moonshine lane for our love
she yearned for a flaming knight
a royal guide from above
diamond enchantress
to thee doth i yield
wane mounts force thine chaos
thou wandering shield
atop and upon thee
beyond thy footsteps entwined
raised a sungod his curtain
for thy moonrose to shine
thy gate to thee-divinity

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