Letra de Siempre loco

Authority Zero

Letra de Siempre loco de Authority Zero
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( Authority Zero )

I´ve got a bad connection
It seems there´s nothing more that I can do
I´ve been staring at a wall since noon
There´s nothing more that I´m used to
With all these fucked up difference
And not to mention points of view
What we don´t´ see
What out of sight
Not out of mind
We´re told to
Just sit back and listen and not say a word
Just do what you tell me and never be heard
That´s just the type of bullshit that I´d expect from you
You´re driving me crazy
Siempre Loco
I´ve got that good old fashioned feeling running
Through my bones
They call it free will, now taking control
I´ll speak my mind, and my actions?
Live the way that I choose
I´m tuning you out, and I will never
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