Letra de Reason

Australian Blonde

Letra de Reason de Australian Blonde
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( Australian Blonde )

If I remember you will remenber me
as clear as I do,
even when years have gone away.

I know it's hard for me,
is it hard for you to keep me in your minds,
to miss me the way I miss you?

Now all of us were changed,
so many things to come,
some maybe good, some maybe bad,
still looking for a reason,
reason to change my points of view.
What they are? I've never been quite sure.
Why the people always pissed me off
trying to be just what they'll never be?
Walking all around, watching T.V.,
trying to give smoking up.

I know it's hard for them.
Fuck, it's hard for me
to keep myself away from it,
trying not to get involved too much.

I'm looking at your picture,
I keep it in my wallet,
I'm feeling like a child
still looking for a reason,
reason why should I do what I'm told,
reason why, reason why I am cold.

Why the people always put me down
and all I want to do is fly away
walking in the sun without a reason
to be sorry for the things I've done, the things I feel,
I hope you can forgive all I did without a reason.

I walk away, away I walk,
to somewhere where I won't be tired.
I run away to find something new.
I'll wash my faults into the sea
alone without a ceremony.
Good bye my friends, I'll miss you.