Letra de Creazy woman (en ingles)

Atracción X 4

Letra de Creazy woman (en ingles) de Atracción X 4
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( Atracción X 4 )

The woman my father is different
is different from everything else,
and upset with pavadas
Here it has no maid
This opened the fridge
that he closed the window.

I live a very stressful situation
not if I go after pa, pa after
or in front pa

but it is my turn, is like a witch
who wants to have everything under control

(creazy woman)
Just Look at him, if it appears
Olivia of the Popeye the sailor
(creazy woman)
this woman is crazy
we should shut with six averages in the mouth
(creazy woman)
hey, your brother know that I get sick
Just think of your face in dog

(repeats throughout)

Creazy woman, this woman brother
hey brother, you can ask a question?
ask brother
nuestropadre of women will have heard this song?
if my brother,
This mom, is going to have to listen to our song