Letra de Witches dance

At Vance

Letra de Witches dance de At Vance
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( At Vance )

Moon is arising the night is to come
dancing whit fire ' til their work is done
praying to evil ignoring their gods
lord of the darkness is waiting to come
Pray to the moon
read from the runes
they have given their souls to the dark
Dancing whit fire
is their only desire
they will keep on
dancing the witches dance
ruling their nation
of desperation
they will keep on
dancing the witches dance
Demons and wizards are ruling their thoughts
whispering spells that they have been tought
a candle is burning for every sin
for every soul they took whit a grin
They hide from the sun
'til daylight is gone
and when the night comes you will see the sparks
Dancing whit fire...