Letra de Depths of eternity


Letra de Depths of eternity de Asphyx
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Letra de Depths of eternity de Asphyx.

( Asphyx )

Weary with concealment from the living
time to break the eternal rejection
to arise from an unhonoured exile
purposefully leaving the infinite depths behind
The depths of oblivion
the depths of mystery
the depths of obscurity
the depths of eternity
Contaminating the world with death
ending lives, the way dying was supposed to be
deceased guided into engless obscurity
depths of eternity, terminus of the living dead
Set out for an undead journey
travelling through desolute domains
a sense of frugality dominates the atmosphere
The depths of oblivion, better to forget
the depths of mystery, complete unawareness
the depths of obscurity, infinite darkness
the depths of eternity, no escape from death

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