Letra de Flirt

Ashley Roberts

Letra de Flirt de Ashley Roberts
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( Ashley Roberts )

Fliirt, fliirt

You wanna chill in my Lamborghini,
You wanna look but you don´t wanna see
So what you think of that look in my eyes?
You think it´s for you?
You think you read minds?
You better watch where you´re putting those hands,
You better stop if you´re making more plans
´Coz everything you do makes you look like a fool

You´re looking for some dirt,
I´m lifting up my skirt
I´m searching for a light under me in my purse
You always think the worst,
I just wanna flirt
You found me on my knees,
Next thing you´re saying "tease"
I´m trying to find my phone and my keys, not your sleaze
My spell is like a curse,
I just wanna flirt

I gotta know, don´t you really understand
One syllable words old man?
You got a problem with my space?
Get your look out of my face
´Coz I´ve had it with your lies
You´re pretty damn close to being unfine
´Cuz everything you do makes you look like a fool


I´m just so lucky to be walking on a wire,
I´m up so high that I can barely feel your fire
You can´t touch me, no,
That´s just a dream


Flirt [x4]