Letra de Painting my horror


Letra de Painting my horror de Arcturus
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Letra de Painting my horror de Arcturus.

( Arcturus )

It was a dark night, i couldn`t see;
and senses were unbound in esp
When in dream awake,
i`d paint,
subconcious, the expanse i saw
The portal to the minds eye, open!
- i contemplated
who it was that pulled the strings
O those things i saw in dreadful masquerade
of stark madness went merry round with my head
I passed out, embraced their world
savoured the poetry of revolt -
sheer elegy of menace
I have not been the same since,
i took on the profession of a devil
the world i see in grotesque light
evil perform with the gestures of a clown
Pure i live in blasphemy
mephisto i am hidden in madonnas gown
from the code of common sense i`m free
to(o) bad you`re not here to partake my strange horror
`cause here is where or weys will part
i will not exchange their power,
spring of my suffering
i do not envy the conscience pure
of the blind man in his bliss world
i would not be devoid the fruit of guile

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