Letra de Better slow down

April Wine

Letra de Better slow down de April Wine
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( April Wine )

Ain´t no time to fool around
Man I gotta hit this town tonight, I feel alright
I´ve been standing in one place too long
Listening to that same old song
And you know, baby I gotta go, yeah

Bright lights, comin´ up real fast
All night, I gotta make this moment last
Headlights, pullin´ up beside me
A man pulled me over, gets out of his car
And he said, you better slow down

Busy pumpin´ of the feet
Bodies movin´ in the heat all night, and that´s alright
I´m lookin´ at the way she moves
Cookin´ up and turnin´ grooves
As she does, could this be love

Bright lights, she´s comin´ up real close
All night, I gotta make the most of it
So nice, she´s rubbin´ up beside me
Then she pulls back a little, looks to me in the eye
To say, you better slow down

Drinkin´ wine and movin´ fast
I don´t know if I´m gonna last the night, and that ain´t right
The guy who stopped me´s puffin´ smoke
Asked me if I want a toke
Hey what´s this baby, you know that ain´t right

Bright lights, spinnin´ all around
All night, I´m goin´ up and down
So I, stop right here, ain´t botherin´ me
Better split before I´m history, huh

Alright, the man keeps comin´, the lights keep spinnin´
All night, it´s time I head for home
Alright, I gotta turn and get away from here, cause the
Bright lights, you know they just don´t work for me
I gotta split from here before I´m history