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Letra de Tag team de Anvil
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Letra de TAG TEAM de ANVIL.

( Anvil )

The news is out there is a bout
time and place are set
admission is free if you want to see
come and place your bets
Ringside seats just can't be beat
for the main event
they show their faces, take their places
raging with contempt
Lights go down, smoke all around
contenders eye each other
the challenge is made who'll make the grade
the ref pulls down the covers
At the centre of the ring they sway and swing
exchanging fancy holds
when one's done they tag another one
how far will she go
Tag team baby - a camel clutch
tag team baby - you are too much
tag team baby - a scissor lock
tag team baby - just wanna rock
On the ropes you're losing hope
in a hold we'll put you out cold
got your back pinned down on the mat
looks like we're the winners tonight
In round seven she's in heaven
how much can she take
again and again she feels the strain
as she start the eighth
The bell is hit the stage is lit
she staggers to the centre
opponents meet their body's heat
the boys tonight have spent her
She's going down she's on the ground
you can hear her howl
she can't take no more 'cause she's so sore
she's throwing in the towel
ha, ha throwin in her towel
Gave your best but you lost the test
didn't you know a way to win
Tag team baby - down for the count
tag team baby - you lost the bout
tag team baby - oh what a catch
tag team baby - you blew the match