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Letra de Election day de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

well who could believe in a living cartoon when its pumped into your living room? they won´t admit to you what the problem is with loads of smoke and trickery they hide the facts so you can´t see you think they could do better than this


so come on you fat old men don´t compromise your countrymen the red tape is wrapping slowly around your necks and listen all you beauracrats give us meat & cut the fat we´re tired of paying off your rubber checks i´m not the only one who knows that politics are just a pose one thousand points of light are not enough admit that you don´t have the answer the country´s sick and you´re the cancer you haven´t helped at all by acting tough


The election is a running joke the candidates are a fucking hoax the sad thing about it is the joke´s on us the only way it all makes sense is don´t vote foe, vote against even if it made a difference
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