Letra de Best i can be

Anthony Callea

Letra de Best i can be de Anthony Callea
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( Anthony Callea )

Quiet and still, I watch you sleep
And I wonder about the man that fills your dreams
Does he adore you and protect you
Is he your lover and your friend
Will he care for you, just love you until the end
When I´m with you I know within
When I found you my life began
There s something that I cant deny
My heart won´t let me lie


What does it mean to be a man
To give you love that´s all I can
Cos all I wanna try to do
Is be the best man that I can be for you
The image of you rests on my lips
Your touch, your smile more than I can wish
Do you know what´s meant to be
Do you see what I can see
Do you know what´s in my dreams
My heart wont let me lie


If only I could find the words to tell you
I know I´ve made mistakes but I know I can change
And here I stand before you
I cherish, adore you
I wanna prove I can be a better man
Quiet and still I hear you breathe


To be the best man,
To give you love that´s all can do
Is all I wanna try for you
Is be the best man I can be for you