Letra de Suffer the consequences


Letra de Suffer the consequences de Anonymus
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( Anonymus )

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

For all the years of wait
For all the time of Waste
Understand this
It´s never to late
My destiny unfolds
Got nothing else to hold
Forget the past
Present will work at last

Twisting my brain to become
Something new
Everything now is about what I do
It´s time to rise
On my own two feet
People who dare win

I´ll suffer the consequences

The walls are closing in
The vice is getting thin
A time to change
Before it´s too late
I´ll be the one to blame
If it all stays the same
A time to choose
All hell´s breaking loose

Now is the time
To take what is mine
No looking back
Heading for attack
Living for my own sake
My voice will be heard
I was never a fake
It gets on my nerves
I don´t give a fuck
And I don´t really care
I will be responsible
For all the things I´ll say and do
No more regrets
My own satisfaction
Fight for my dreams
A new resolution
Despite what you think
Give me what´s mine
A slice of the pie
Arrival´s not far
Nothing will stop me ´till I die

Suffer the consequences
I´ll take back what´s mine
Suffer the consequences
I´ll take back my life