Letra de Stuck


Letra de Stuck de Anonymus
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( Anonymus )

[Parole - Oscar Souto]

It seems like nothing´s going fine
Stopped at the same place
All time!
Can´t go any longer
They pusheds me on the wall
I´m being unproductive
Hope this thing won´t go too far

Tension rising Chais coming
Blank sheet terrorizing

What´s next ?
Sorry but i´m stuck
I know i´m having problems
No luck!
Losing all my power
Waiting to be stronger
Meet my holy saviour
I am having many doubts
Cause I can´t see... No way out!

Tension rising Chais coming
Blank sheet terrorizing

No way No way out!

No way There´s no way out
This way total black-out

Stand still paralysed
Unable to match these rhymes
Different sound at the end of lines
Empty spaces open wounds
Harmonies are out of tune

Fill this virgin mind
Who´s going blind
Will tomorrow be ?
A better day for me ?
Stuck stuck stuck stuck