Letra de The next big thing

Ani Difranco

Letra de The next big thing de Ani Difranco
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( Ani Difranco )

it's me
i'm returning your call
it's monday wednesday friday
between noon and three
he says i
usually just let the phone ring
but i've always got a minute of time
for the next big thing
And i wonder
how can he see where he's going
with those dollar signs in front of his eyes?
i say thank you
for your interest
but my thing is already
just the right size
it's me
yes i'll play for the door
nothing more
on a tuesday
he says baby
what is your name
i forgot
he says baby
tell me again
are you really hot
And i think
he does not hear what i'm saying
he's just looking at my eight by ten
and wondering about
the part that was left out
does she have a body
that will really draw them in?
How much do you want
how much are you willing to do
baby this is no business
for a sweet little girl like you
can you play the game
act it out
frame for frame
do you know your lines
let's hear them one more time
But i'd rather pay my dues
to the six people
sitting at the bar
than to all those men
in their business suits
who say i'll take you away from this
if you'll just
get in the car