Letra de Going down

Ani Difranco

Letra de Going down de Ani Difranco
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( Ani Difranco )

You can't get through it
you can't get over it
you can't get around
Just like in a dream
you'll open your mouth to scream
and you won't make a sound
You can't believe your eyes
you can't believe your ears
you can't believe your friends
you can't believe you're here
And you're not gonna get through it
so you are going down
I put a cup out on the window sill
to catch the water as it fell
now i got a glass half full of rain
to measure the time between
when you said you'd come
and when you actually come
Little mister limp dick
is up to his old tricks
and thought he'd call me
one last time
but i'm just about done
with the oh-woe-is-me shit
and i want everything back
that's mine