Letra de Re connect


Letra de Re connect de Anathema
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( Anathema )

The fragments of connection died
Some things just won´t fade with time
Hide behind a transparent eye
You can´t see me but I can you...
Betray withouta moment´s thought
Regret nothing but getting caught
Your time has come and here I stand
Why should I hold out my hand to you...

I could never turn to you
Silenced by that look in your eye
Feel I´m slipping back again

Black cold night I toss and turn I´m sinking, feel so ...drained
Shroud me, blind me sick, week, empty, drag me ...into pain
I tried so hard, don´t drown me, bound to me, self indulgently ...crazed
Black as coal, my sunken soul, will it ever be ...saved?

Come on and twist that knife again
Well I´d like to see you fucking try
Never going back again

An anwer won´t come from me
Confront your own worst enemy
What does your mirror see
Is it time to face up to me