Letra de Under azure skies


Letra de Under azure skies de Anata
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( Anata )

Blood boils under azure skies
A man astray, obsessed in his search
Exploring vast lands
Deserts of sand and stone
Now heading for the open sea
Where his dreams are at
And his mind is set free

The scornful sun burns, tears his skin
The salt breeze tears his open eyes
And the whirling sand will dry his throat
But the journey must go on
He found his call, he is now a slave
On the mission to find his soul
And eternity seems ever so deep
And with every wish
The distance seems to grow

And then at least
Somewhere by the horizon line
The ocean lies mighty, calm and wide
And just when all his strength was gone
And all his hope was lost
His will was strong
And all that remained but his torn limbs
Covered by dust

Reaching for the distant shore
He raises to his feet but falls
When his feet are sore
A painful effort like a grain of sand
Malicious god gives him hand
A hand that beats him to the ground
And the cry for help echoes
Without a sound
Out of reach are all the visions
About his mind set free
The sun laughs as he kneels
Before his destiny

When ages of burning energy
Flows through a peerless body
And you experience strength
Far beyond what you would never know
Is when you realize that what counts
In the end is the journey itself
So with a smile let your struggle in pain
Be crowned by death

An eternity in the moment
Is when silence screams with emptiness
And when I felt relief
Was when the tide washed away
The blood of my broken limbs
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