Letra de Passerby

American Steel

Letra de Passerby de American Steel
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( American Steel )

Everybody´s just filled with hate, but
ill always offer a clean slate
oh how i´ve tried to stick up for you
but you always fuck up something new
the bickering the snickering is old
i can´t see you thinking twice as
another drama unfolds and your life...
wastes, wastes, wastes away
fear is in the mirror, you´re just passing by
we all make mistakes
but you´ve never really owned up to it
and all your half-assed apologies
don´t ever really add up to shit
your self service is blatant
and we´ve served all your purposes
you wonder how you missed all the answers,
without trying to scratch the surface and your life...
is that fear in the mirror
is this another shattered life, is this
the amount of all the broken promises and lies
the more i try not to let you slip
the more it feels like i´m chasing
first high wasted my love, smoked my
empathy angered my sympathy, love and wisdom
they pass you by