Letra de Cheer up

American Steel

Letra de Cheer up de American Steel
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Letra de Cheer up de American Steel.

( American Steel )

Parading through the streets
this ain´t no ordinary beat
I´m on vacation from the east bay
When i think i can leave all the grief it just stays inside me
look on the bright side, cheer up
you & me will fuck shit up
i know that you´re sick of this town
you & me will burn it down
wake up sunday morning to a fresh urine stain and a pool of vomit
that i guess i hope is mine
four hours of sleep cuz of nintendo playing speed freaks
i´m penniless in a different place
but it´s the same old scene
it´s okay and i´m okay
everything´s going to be all right
i´m looking on the bright side