Letra de Rednecks unplugged

Amazing Rhythm Aces

Letra de Rednecks unplugged de Amazing Rhythm Aces
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( Amazing Rhythm Aces )

All my redneck buddies drinkin' longneck buds
there's nothin' like a cold one in a frosty mug
you can drink it from a pitcher, drink it from a jar
you can drink it in the back seat of somebody's car
workin' all week hangin' drywall up
tonight they're crusin' in bubba's truck
they're just rednecks unplugged
Mind your manners don't touch my hat
keep your hands off my woman 'cause i don't like that
all in all we're a friendly bunch
but if you're lookin' for trouble better bring your lunch
we love nascar races, monster trucks
lynyrd skynyrd, flatt and scruggs
rednecks unplugged
Bobby works from nine to five
chokin' to death in a coat and tie
bobby's not thinkin' 'bout all of that bull
bobby's got his mind on a tractor pull
he'll be gettin' plowed will all of his buds
gettin' that white shirt covered with mud
he's just a redneck unplugged
Hey, we work real hard and we play hard too
we put a whole lotta heart in everything we do
keepin' that shoulder right to the wheel
we're america's best, the real damn deal
mom and dad, and uncle doug
old aunt edna, cuttin' the rug
rednecks unplugged
rednecks unplugged