Letra de Eating me alive

Alkaline Trio

Letra de Eating me alive de Alkaline Trio
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( Alkaline Trio )

well i found you outside like a sunrise you melted
my eyes from my skull as i turned into ash befor
my sweet demise the end of me was so beautiful

now your stuck in my head like a love song
climbed to the top of the charts how the fuck can
something be so right and so wrong all the wrong
words but all the right parts

(chorus) you can sit there and tell me that i didnt
try and i can honestly tell you that i never lied
i cant stand this dark ferling the shark eating me up
inside eating me alive eating me alive

well i found you out there in the moonlight in your
eyes there were diamonds like stars i was found by your
father the jewel thief that night as you said he was still behind bars

now your stuck in my head like a love song the words
i can never forget as i sucked on your neck for way too
lond and drained you of every last drop you had left


Here lies out homisidal story sad but true (sad but true)
the time has come and gone that id do anything for you