Letra de Bloodied up

Alkaline Trio

Letra de Bloodied up de Alkaline Trio
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( Alkaline Trio )

I'll never findÂ…
I'll never find someone like you

Girl, you take my breathe away
And when i want someone new, i'd rather be here with you
Baby, foreverÂ…
My heart belongs to you, cause i think about you all the time
I know my love is true when we're together
I played around girl, and i made you cry
When i looked up you were saying goodbye
I making you bleed, i need you so bad
Don't leave me now, you're the best thing i have

I'll never, i'll never find someone like you
I promise this is true, now or never
I'll never find someone like you
Cause i love, that will meet you up
And girl, i won't, no i won't let you go
No one could ever do, love you like i love you

All i had is just my heart and my feelings i give to you
That's all that i can do girl, maybe forever
Oh, you don't know that you're hurting me
Cause it's not just a sexual thang
I wanna share my dreams, baby together
My heart still needs to hold on to my love
But when you get close, i want you to know
I start to get weak and i can't let you know


Just your smileÂ…that's all i need
Girl, i won't let you down
Girl, i will never find no one that compares to you

Chorus x2

I'll never find someone like youÂ…