Letra de Wake me gently

Alice Cooper

Letra de Wake me gently de Alice Cooper
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( Alice Cooper )

I was scared to death
afraid to close my eyes
and find that i was gone
like every other one who left before the dawn
i vanished in the air
am i still there?
wake me gently, if you can
wake me gently, just touch my hand
wake me gently, pull my sleeve
cuz where i'm at is where i wanna leave.
And in my sleep, i look so lifeless on this bed
laid out on satin sheets
this dream's a novel that i don't dare complete
no happy endings read
i think the hero's dead
(repeat chorus)
,...me to my slumber
and i'll never come home
please help me i'm frightened
of what's going on (what's going on?)
And if i can't wake up
will i be all alone?
a stranded orphan here?
or will i bump into some other wandering souls?
and will they talk to me?
somebody, somebody please rescue me,...
(repeat chorus)
I wanna leave,...
i wanna leave,...
i just wanna wake up,..
i wanna leave.i don't wanna stay,...