Letra de Guilty

Alice Cooper

Letra de Guilty de Alice Cooper
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( Alice Cooper )

Alice cooper - guilty
just tried to have fun
raise hell and then some
i'm a dirt talkin, beer drinkin' woman chasing minister's son
Slap on the makeup
blast out the music
wake up the neighbors with a roar
like a teenage heavy metal elephant gun.
If you call that guilty,..
then that's what i am
i'm guilty,..i'm guilty!
Like driving too fast
love going too far
it seems the law's on my ass every time
i stick it out of the door
If you call that guilty,
then that's what i am!
i'm guilty,..i'm guilty
Bad boy on a summer night
when the heat makes me mean and i wanna fight
put my pedal on the metal and i do what i wanna do
bad girls make me feel all right
when it's hot and they start screamin' in the night
golly gee, it's wrong to be,..
so guilty! (i'm guilty)
My conscience is on vacation
in acute degeneration
willpower has sunk to an all time low
If you call that guilty.,.
well then i guess i am..
I'm guilty,..i'm guilty!
I'm guilty,..and i don't care,..
i'm guilty, and i think i've been framed anyway,...