Letra de Going home

Alice Cooper

Letra de Going home de Alice Cooper
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( Alice Cooper )

I'm going home
there i am there, in my bedroom
i'm safe and i'm snug and snoring
and so glad to be there.
I'm going home
none of this ever happened
but, god, i really did it
still nothing has changed.
i'm going home
i'm going home
to my own room
to all the mess
to all the dirty laundry
it looks so good i don't care
i'm just so glad to be home,..sweet home
Wonder if anyone missed me?
or have i been gone so far
they thought that i died
how many said
i wonder what happened to alice?
how many shrugged,.or laughed,
how many cried,.
but i don't give a damn!

(repeat chorus)
I'm going home
nothing can stop me now