Letra de Laberinto (en ingles)

Alfredito Olivas

Letra de Laberinto (en ingles) de Alfredito Olivas
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( Alfredito Olivas )

Moreover heart
It is pride that ambition
is not power hungry
It is a merciless war
is simply forgot
who is who
out there say not bite the hand
that feeds you
it´s just a saying
no grip mount my friends
because the path may become
as a whole "Labyrinth" ...

The wind desojo
I had old scores
Today I focused only
to make them see their error
those that dazzled the brightness
and silver like me
to which one day I ignored
Today they will know who I am
and will download the power
which has cataloged me
do not panic yet to make a run
I have not finished ...

Come disrespecting
more dog flea
not think it´s going to be felt
Times ran jeans
Today treacherous reign
and I know how to fight them
they thought we turn the tables
the flame is lit
and the pan will do its
so the comal has problems
here already lost the war
and pay swear ...

(And if you still wonder
the parrot is still green,
Lencho where it lives,
and the wheel is spinning,

The nupio friendship
if so you may call
if we were few yesterday
We are now half
and is that among fallen and bent
was cut staff
but between good is evil
and rather than worse
because the truth
gradually gone out
and remember that the more obscure this
is going daybreak ...

Come guarding the mouth
and measuring the words
those are gone with the wind
to me the problems do not bother me
Saliva without spending
rather I speak with facts
if money buy bravery
that would be different
but they lacked a good belt
for fajarse pants
maybe so they could get away
LABYRINTH fearsome ...