Letra de White devil


Letra de White devil de Alexisonfire
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( Alexisonfire )

Hey kids, we got a new white devil
and it goes in your fucking nose
that's right, we got a new white devil
this is how the story goes
story goes
Watch out!
Glorify, glamorize
try to forget your sunken eyes
your dead fad is a disaster
your fashion is my fucking cancer
not so fun when your nose is sore
bloody kleenex all over the floor
but don't worry, who gives a shit?
all your friends will think you're really hip
Your dead fad is a fucking disaster
Addiction is in, i guess addiction is in, yeah [7x]
addiction is in, i guess addiction is in this year
Looks so good
convulsing on the floor, ya sugar!
and the blood from your nose
matches your lipstick shade
Look what you have become
white devil, white devil, white devil [3x]
White devil [8x]

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