Letra de Sharks and danger


Letra de Sharks and danger de Alexisonfire
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( Alexisonfire )

-st. catherines psychiatric help line, this is nancy...
-ummm... i'm not exactly sure how to go about explaining this...
what's been happening over the road...
you know i've been kinda keeping correspondance to my parents for a while...
but i'm starting to get the feeling that... throughout (?) the letter writing process...
like uh... like the letters, they just keep getting shorter and shorter...
and uh... i'm starting to get the feeling that...
that maybe one day all the letters will stop coming... all together
maybe i'll start asking myself all kinds of stupid questions...

-as life hangs beside me
i gather all that i can.
and you were never one for confrontation
now our lives are in your hands

-...like... like what if there's, what if there's a spot in my body
you know to touch like by my heart, you know
you know like if we were to launch(?) rockets in space and it's like
whats the point of like my house and the next offices (?)
like you know what am i supposed to do you know
i don't know, all these stupid questions going through my head like all the time
like what if, i had some inoperable form of cancer in my brain, you know i'm keepin alive
you know what if, what if there is a god and i'm completely in trouble like
you know... who am i kidding?
you understand what i'm saying?
it's not a joke, i'm not joking, not a joke
Who will dare to be irrational
who will be there...
we're running out of options...
who will be useful...
i'm going insane
i can't think anymore
i don't know what to tell you...
do you see where i'm coming from?
see what i'm trying to say?
do you see what i'm trying to tell you? (fades)
Who will be
there to doubt
... (?)
(?) out
Who will keep me from lashing out? (lashing out)
anxiety chokes me like razor wire (razor wire)
I... [can't penetrate the crowd](?)
and anxiety chokes me like...
Now our lives are in your hands
Anxiety chokes me like razor wire
...razor wire