Letra de Someday

Alan Jackson

Letra de Someday de Alan Jackson
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( Alan Jackson )

She looked me in the eye and said it's over
i can't take this heartache anymore
she said don't tell me lies and try to please me
i've heard it all so many times before
I took her by the arm and said don't leave me
there's nothin' in this world i wouldn't do
just give me time i'll be the man you've needed
she said i wish that i could take that for the truth
and i said someday
i'll get my life straight
she said it's too late
what's done is done
i told her someday
she said i can't wait
cause sometimes someday just never comes
She said all i've ever wanted was to love you
and somewhere deep inside me i still do
but now i think it's time i stopped believin'
cause i'm never gonna see a change in you
Sometimes someday just never comes