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Alan Jackson

Letra de Home de Alan Jackson
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( Alan Jackson )

Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire.
My love is blind, can you see my desire?
That`s the way love goes...(3x)

Come with me, don`t you worry.
I`m gonna make you crazy.
I`ll give you the time of your life.
I`m gonna take you places
You never been before and
You`ve be so happy that you came.
Ooh..i`m gonna you take there...ohohoh

That`s the way love goes.(2x)

Don`t mind if i light candles

I like to watch us play and
Baby, i`ve got on what you like
Come closer baby closer
Reach out and feel my body
I`m gonna give you all my love

Oh sugar don`t you hurry
You`re got me here all night
Just close your eyes and hold on tight
Oh baby, don`t stop, don`t stop
Go deeper baby deeper
You feel so good i`m gonna cry
Ooohhh....i`m gonna take you there...ohohoh

That`s the way love goes(2x)
(that`s the way love goes,it goes,it goes...)

Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind,can you see my desire?(2x)

That`s the way love goes....
(rep. to the end)