Letra de Dixieland delight


Letra de Dixieland delight de Alabama
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( Alabama )

* rolling down a backwoods tenessee highway
one arm on the wheel
holding my lover with the other
a sweet soft southern thrill
worked hard all week
got a little jingle
on a tenessee saturday night
couldn't feel better
i'm together with my dixieland delight
** spend my dollar
parked in a holler 'neath the moutain moonlight
holdin' her up tight
make a little lovein'
a little turdle dovein' on a mason dixson night
it's my life
oh so right
my dixieland delight
Whitetail buck deer munchin' on clover
redtailed hawk sitting on a limb
chubby ol' groundhog
croakin' bullfrog
free as a feeling in the wind
home grown country girl
gonna give me a whirl
on a tenessee saturday night
lucky as a seven
livin' in heaven
with my dixieland delight
[band solo]
[repeat **]
[band solo]
[repeat **]
[repeat *]