Letra de Blow back

Akira Yamaoka

Letra de Blow back de Akira Yamaoka
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Letra de Blow back de Akira Yamaoka.

( Akira Yamaoka )

Dark light
Blinds me
Am I fading in light?

I can see through the fear, nice try
Just a matter of time, it´s another lie
When the fire turns cold, who´s here?
It sure looks like it´s me

Closer to the source of my pain
Mirror yours

Oh, I´m not myself
My God, what have you done?
Oh, the memories of them keep coming home...

And the nightmares are good, so good
Will I ever wake up?
Am I here right now?
Was the question too hard?
Dad was right
He said nightmares are good

Mommy, Am I dead now?
Tell me
Why do we...?
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